Altered Carbon 2018

28 Nude Scenes (29 Minutes)

Season 1 featuring full female and male nudity, breast, butts, bush, and male genitals are show. Intense simulated sex scenes, sexual acts, and rape are depicted throughout every episode.

Season 2 featuring two moments of nonsexual brief nudity and one sex scene involving no nudity.

An imprisoned freedom fighter returns to life in a new body. Owned by the wealthiest man alive, he must solve a murder to win his freedom.

Altered Carbon is a Netflix original produced by Netflix.


29 Minutes of Nudity
Full nudity
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Season 1

28 Minutes of nudity (26 Nude Scenes)
Episodes with nudity: 123458910

Season 2

30 Seconds of nudity (2 Nude Scenes)
Episodes with nudity: 18
Timestamp may vary from version to version (theatrical, directors cut, streaming, etc...).